I tried

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nicky is my favourite oitnb

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inquistor plans: willowy elf who is VERY EXCITED to have iron bull on histeam

Gimme some Sitcom AU Hawke's awkward baby goth phase. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

things that are important to me: mage!hawke and merrill being best friends who look out for eachother

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Hey — I take requests, and I’d love some!

I’m cool with Star Trek or Yogs or Dragon age requests!

(Just no yogships, please <3) 

this warm up doodle brought to you by my second favourite star trek outfit ever

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creepy monster boyfriends gotta look after eachother

jamie (cut up dude) is fees

i reaaaaaally like painting lips 

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remember ages ago when i said i was going to draw more ds9 and never did? my bad.

so ive started ds9 doodling! right now i’m just trying to get used to peoples faces (drawing real people in my style is hard for me). ill attempt more aliens later!